31 October 2009

Huh? Who?

Farah Nabila bt Azizi! where are youu?

huh? who?

what you mean who?

i mean , who is she? is it she sombody?

nope la . she's nobody .

is that so?

yess .


because she just ordinary girl .

are you sure ?

yess , i'm sure .

okay , if you said so . tell me more about her

okay . not a problem . what you want know about her?

her age?

she's Fifteen .

her birthday?

29th June 1994

she now currently at?

Taman Universiti , Skudai , Johor Bahru , Johor .

Johor? you mean , she is a Malaysian ?

yess . can you ask me none typical questions? duhh idiot

okay okay . is she single?

nope . she has been taken .


someone .

please tell me?

i wont tell . ask her .


nope . my lip are zipped .

duhh . stupid . okay next question . is she has mental problem?

what you mean?

errr . like is she has to take pills by time?

gahhh no la . she's fine .

fuhh , better . but is she open-minded?

that think i dont know .

is she rich?

no . just like you .

is she pretty?

i think nope . because her face just simple human face and her body not so skinny .

okayyyy , what she likes?

likes? likes like?

i mean , what she like to wear , what she like to eat , what she like to watch and more .

hmmm , she likes jeans shorts smple t-shirt .

so is she a one of stylish people?

err . i think nope .

ohh . tell me more .

she watched everything .
she is universal type .
and and heyyy . she likes chocalate deeply . gave her any type of chocolate .


yesss :D

is she art's?

not really because she not so good in art but she likes art . stupid ryte?

huh? weirdo!

yess , she is .

what about photography?

ohhh damnn . dont talk photography , she likes it so much but she not so good in it . trust me .

ohh i see . hmmm , what about her that i want to know huh? i lack of questions

heyy , you know what . her hands always shaking .

huh? nooo . are you sure?

yes but i meant not always . but consider it always . it's critical .

why huh?

because she lack of self-confident .
she always feel uncomfortable . i dont know what into her .

goshh . wtf .

yes , wtf .

is she one of talkactive person? because i love talkactive, easy to talk with .

she's very talkactive to people that she know better .
she also likes being friendly . just she doesn't know how to start new converse .

gahh , tell me more?

hmmm , i dont know . how about , you ask her more ?

err . okay , someday .

it's up to you

Farah said yes , that's me . I never perfect and I not pretty at all . what type I am? err . loser mayb , jerk mayb , pathetic mayb or mayb , special . I just don't know okay . Dont ask me something good please . btw , I'm not strong baby .