29 October 2009

I Wont Bother You Okay

Last day, I saw you and her . You guys looked very close . Like like like, hmmmph 'us' .
I know I think to much so I just let it go .

But, why this?
At the end of the school, I saw you walked with her . Again .
You saw me and I saw you .
At first , I did want to say helo but when I looked her beside you , I canceled . Because I know the way she looked at me , she never liked me to talk with you .
At the same time , something happen . You pushed me . It sokay .
You did looked at me , you did say sorry , you did gave me happy face and happy smile .
So that make me felt like we were getting some converse . but then ? no . You walked away .
You continue walked with her .

When i passed through the gate , from back I still saw you with her . together .
Then you and her stop , I tought she's gonna away but no .
She still with you . She stood beside you , for what ? hmmph .
When I walked passing through you guys , I was hoping you gonna punch my shoulder to say goodbye . But again , no. No goodbye
Pathetic me, again again and again .

Why it so hard to say hello huh ? Is not I'm gonna bite you .
I know , I'm getting losing you and she's getting close with you .
Maybe it's good fr you . It sokay if you happy without me .
As long I'm not the devil one . As long I'm not the spoiler .

I know , I never deserve be your friend . I just know . She so much better than I am .
Sokay , I'm fine
I wont bother you anymore , well I'll try