02 November 2009

Will You?

If I can sacrifice for you , will you do the same?
If I can love you deeply , can you love me back?
If I need some respect , can you give me that?
If I need attention , can you burns your whole time for me?
If I can ignore my situations , will you ignore yours for me sometimes?
If I need you to cheer me up , can you figure something that make the smile comes back?
If I need you to hear my heart's talking , can you lend me your ears for a while?
If I need some positive cheer , can you cheer me?

I just asking for those things .
I know mayb some of us think that I'm asking the stupid things ,
But that things la I always want from you .
Not much , baby .
That's it . That's all .
Sorry if i ever misunderstood you .
I just want it so badly wehee .

i love you so much baby , :)