19 December 2009

babyyy ,

baby , :(
i miss youu .
i still don't refill my credit
arghh , tension
i miss you badly
seriously and yeahh i do worry about you
i wonder what you doing now , hmm

pagi tadi baby ada anta text cakap pasal keychain to
hmm , mcmna bule hilang?
laling an da suruh letak gam
baby ta letak ke? aiyo
tape la , benda da hilang
tapi those words still ada
kan kan?
mesti nmpak cacat sikit without lil boy to , hmm

hmm , mana baby ni?
nape ta online online lagii ni?
laling nk chat dengan baby
da ah ta dapat text
hmm , baby busyy ke?
baby pegi mana?
nape ta online lagi?
are you being save?
are you okayy?
hmm , please do online now
i need you right now
yes , my tears just came out
i cant hold it :'(

baby baby baby , I MISS YOU!!!
denga ta ni laling cakap ni . I MISS YOUU! :(