05 December 2009

Aku nak kau la Baby

nany ckp ; 'klw kita sayang orng to , berjuang nk smpn dia . jgn biakan ja'
atul ckp
; 'kw kne strong benk . if kw ta strong , kw hilang dia'
karem ckp
; 'adq , leklek . pjok dia blk . ckp slowslow . tade pe to' .
ashraf ckp
; 'da da da jgn nges . nt dia oke la to . dia tensen kott '

hmmm , it's easy fr youu to say .
bt fr me? it's hard .
i know i have to be strong , yes and i will .
bt where i can fine the energy to keep strong and more stronger?
where? tell me , where?
i won't give up and never will
well , i'll try but like i said . it's hard .
help me , i want him
onli him .
i want him i want him ,

dear Allah i'm one of yr creature .
can u help me to be strong? well , stronger?
i need him , i need youu .
i want him . pls , onli you can my heart feel relief and be stronger.
onli youu , hmmm .
i begging fr yr mercy and do help me pls Allah
i need your miricle now , and forever
can you make us the happiness and sweet couple ever ?
can you ?

i love you Rizwan Yazid , i don't want else .
onli youu <3