27 December 2009

honey! :')

yeah , tadi online kejap
then dapat IM baby yg last nyte punya yg ta smpat baca to cz da off dulu
then then nmpk kt status baby , baby tulis ni ;

'out lu yah..love youu lalingg..farah i syg u..*and blablabla lagii'

awww , kinda comel gila ghee :D
even everyday da dengar baby cakap mcmto tapi i dunno why kenapa still rasa berbunga je bila baca status to hahaha
ala , aku kann poyo . standard la to bhaii ghee

yeah yeah , if someone ask me this

who is your hubby?
who is your bestfriend?
whose you wanna be with when you happy and to share laugh with?
whose you wanna be with when you're down and need something to share?

and i probably answer all these questions by one simple answer

is Rizwan Yazid , only him . that's all

memang la , ta sure kann jodoh kita dengan siapa
but kita boleh always try kan?
boleh try work out and try harder

so i want him i want him
i want him back , always
iwan , i sayang you jugak! :')