21 December 2009

Sorry , I'm Sorry!

yeahh , lastnight i sreamed
seriously , i do screamed!
out load , uncontrol
i don't know why
i jerit macam nk gila
i jerit sorang-sorng
of course , i cried too
fortunately rumah empty , just only me at home
ibu ayah away to opah's house

i don't know why i screame like that
no motif
maybe i'm sick!
maybe i just lost my mind
mayb to have fun
but of course , scream exactly just like lastnight is not the way to having fun
hmm , or! maybe i have mental problem
yeahh , mayb i serious having brain problem
argh! i don't know la
i'm too confuse
what's wrong with me?
why i always think rubbish things and make it too serious fr me and fr everyone
i just make things worst worst and worst!
just like lastnight , i tension without any reasons
i have my both parents , i have family , i have great boyfiee , i have great friends , i'm not so idiot , i'm not bitch , i'm not bad
but whyy? but whyy i be just like that? i wonder whyy?
maybe , i just fedup . fedup with myself!
i can't stop thinking about things that doesn't happen!

hmm , baby .
i'm sorry i called you lastnight
when i were screaming like hell
and you heard my screaming
i'm sorry making you feel uncomfy weird different etc
i just , i don't know why i called you
i just need you to calm me
but , like i said . things getting worst right?
hmm , i just i deeply sorry .
i just need youu , i'm sorry getting you involved
i know you may think that i'm hiding something fr you
well , i'm NOT! seriously no .
please do understand me ,
and yeahh , I Love You So Much Baby!

weh Farah! apahal kauu jerit mcm nak mati?!

asl jerit mcm orang gila!
apa masalah kauu?!
kau tension sebab pe?!

well , aku ta tahuuuu! jangan tanya ,
aku TA TAHU! :'(

see , i'm not talking to anybody
i'm all alone