31 May 2010

Program Latihan Khidmat Negara , shits

I remembered when I just knew that you got PLKN this 2010 after you finished your spm . Of course I was shocked and sad . Because , if go there who's gonna take care of me . I mean I know take care myself but who's gonna guiding me? I know I've got family and friends but in the same time I need you besides me , huwmm .

Since I knew you got PLKN , I can't get rid of thinking about that . When you go , everynight of course I'll be lonely doing my stuff without texting youu . At middle of night , of course I don't have any calls from you like always . You away for 3 months . Quiet long you know , how do I gonan handle it . oh Goshh! damn -.-'

But then lucky me you in the 3rd group . Means , it's near to Ramadhan month . So your time section at there will be short . I mean it will not reach almost 3 months . How happy I am? yeayy

I've known that you will go this 19 June 2010 as far as I remembered . That's the big hell news , duhh . You can't celebrate my birthday with me even we far as New York to Malaysia huhh . Nevermind , I'll learned to face it . But! few days ago you told me that you gonna go that PLKN at 21st June 2010 . It's much nearest to my birthday! How come not 30 June . If it 30 June , sure you will make it at my birthday . huwmm , another sad new for me .

Now , you still here with me and I'll gonna spend time wih youuu . My whole coming holiday I'll try to spend with you as much as I could . I just miss you when you're away later baby ,

I Love You Keding