10 June 2010

I Don't Shame

Call me lesbian or whatever you like , I still like her! Hhaaa I call it a lesbian crush , nothing else . Do please consider my statement . I still adore her whatever she is . First thing I would do when onl myspace , I would took a visit to her profl . Almost everytime I'll do it . Nevermind is it have any changes or not , I still take a look . Hhaaa . I try to get into her life even in a long distance Haha I don't know la , is it something wrong with me or what . Did you have any crush on girl madly like me? Oh nvm , you would never understand Duhh -.-' . Kawan kawan tanya kenapa suka dia , saya pun ta thu la kenapa suka dia . Dia bukan special sangat pun , bukan next top model pun . But entah la , saya suka tengok dia . Sampai Iwan pun cakap 'Ta abes abes dengan dia , pasni if Baby onl kann myspace Sayang , Baby delete dia dari myspace Sayang . baru tahuu' . Haha Jangan la baby , ta baek . Boleh mati saya *tipu je Hhahaa

Jadi konklusinyaa , saya suka dia and please saya ta merbahaya . Saya bukan lesbian suka gatal gatal dengan perempuan . Oh please la , Lelaki masih menjadi tarikan saya . Espicially Rizwan Yazid Hhaaaa xD