26 November 2010


You don't have to do fancy hair just fr good looking, you don't need put any boy's make up just to make your face gloomy in front of me, you don't have to buy expensive t-shirt just want to show the lables to me, you don't have to wash your shoes just to show me that you did care about your shoes when you're not, you don't have to fake what you really are. The first moment & expression from me to you is the way I like better. I always want simple boyfriend that have human sense & human type. It's do enough you wear simple t-shirt from good cotton that not too loose and not too tight matching with smart jeans. That way, enough saying that you damn charming for me (:

I can't ask you to be perfect, I just want you to understand my ways, knows when my good-bad timing & respect what I do not like. Everybody have own choosy habbits (: