17 December 2010

Open yr eyes, can you?

Maybe I'm such a failure but yet I did try to archieve something &

Fuck you, I give you a peacock just because you under estimate me by judging bla bla nonsense. Damn, watefakk ! -.-

Aku ta paham, ppl seems to be jealous just because others talent or mayb others capable of. Bukan cakap pasal orang jealous dekat aku ke apa. Aku cakap orang lain jealous dekat orang lain. I might one of them but I never took advantage on them or maybe using them fr my own good. If I had, maybe I'm not me or I didn't realise it. Sorry -.-

& btw aku pernah dengar orang cakap cmni, "Alah Ahbenk tu bukan market sangat pn". Okay aku ta pernah lablekan diri aku market, known by everybody or anything but yet Alhamdulillah ppl seems to be like me not just like you. & Thanks untill now I'm surrondings with my loveable friends. Mmuah to haters (:

P/s : I just love the background at the first picture, damn cool. Ibu, nak bole?