16 January 2011

Hell Sunday.

I woke up this morning, I look at the windows & I saw a couple of birds flying around. It's a great view fr every morning actually. I look at my mobile phone's clock, it's 10.30 a.m. Damn I should wake up more early this morning bt yet nobody waking me up. I went pick up my towel & went in the bathroom. I got my shower & the temperature was so damn cold. I brush my teeth, I soap my body & out. I covered my body with flower's short & t-shirt with a sailorman and a sexy women graphic on it. I went to the dining area I saw a plate of cekodok's. I picked around 5-6 of it and ate it in front of television. I clicked the remote control bt yet no movies to watch. I finished my breakfast, I went to the table. I opened the laptop, I checked my facebook & still nothing interesting to share about it. I online it untill now. I'm all alone untill now. I feed myself, & cleaned this house myself & now I feel that I'm "bujang" before my time. What a life -.-